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Musical studies, language, culture and integration
All-inclusive offer Duration: 12 months (4 weeks summer break)

Educational programs:

  • ✓ German language courses (B2) in the Goethe-Institut or at another recognized institution
  • ✓ Lessons in theory, ear training, counterpoint, harmony, instrumentology, stylistics of all epochs, piano as a major subject with a secondary instrument (total 8 instrumental lessons per month.)
  • ✓ Concert arrangements, see attachment (eg "goosebumps concerts")
  • ✓ Education in cultural history
  • ✓ Excursions to cultural sites
  • ✓ Museum visits
  • ✓ Assistance in everyday life


  • ✓ Community apartments with 3-4 students
  • ✓ Pianos for practicing (Silent) are provided
  • ✓ Health insurance
  • ✓ Registration in the registration office
  • ✓ Registration in the immigration office
  • ✓ Phone with prepaid card
  • ✓ Opening a bank account
  • ✓ Support with budget questions


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  • 2019 - Now

    Global Germany // Gigarde

    An organization that helps pupils and students from all over the world to attend a school in Germany or to get a perfect musical education in order to pass the entrance examination at a German Music conservatory / university. First and foremost it is about pianists.

  • The need to perform domestic and chamber music in our time is obvious because as members of a society of individuals we have often lost our ability to work together in groups. Many people are compelled by their profession to communicate alone with the computer and often extend this solitary activity to their private lives. Although digital forums and circles of friends are emerging, we are increasingly lacking real exchange activities that effectively spread feelings, inclinations, and artistic abilities in association with several groups.

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  • Manufacturer of facial and body care products based in Germany. With more than 25 years of experience in the European market, GIGARDE is committed to producing products of the highest quality according to the latest European standards in a natural way.

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